CASA Studio is committed to sustainability. As a dedicated surfer, keen traveller and with young children the Managing Director of CASA Studio, Christian has been deeply concerned with environmental issues for much of his life.

It seems that the global warming crisis is only just beginning to be taken seriously, although the onus still seems to be on individuals and private organisations to pave the way to a more sustainable future. Architects have a key role to play in helping to create a more sustainable building stock and it is our duty to ensure that we do our utmost to use locally sourced materials where possible, include the use of LZC (Low and Zero Carbon) technologies in our buildings’ mechanics, while maximizing the use of solar gain and passive ventilation where appropriate.

Part L of the Building Regulations, which is focused on the ‘Conservation of Fuel and Power’ in buildings, was most recently updated in April 2014 (with minor amendments in 2016). New Dwellings & Buildings must now be highly insulated, with minimal cold-bridging, using high-efficiency heating & hot water systems, with low energy lighting.

As a result, most new buildings will require the use of renewable energy sources such as Ground / Air Source Heat Pumps, Photovoltaic Cells and / or Solar Thermal Panels, along with increased insulation, in order to comply with the Building Regulations. There have been other recent revisions to the Building Regulations to help reduce our impact on the environment such as measures to monitor and reduce the water usage from new developments.

Of course, these changes have had financial implications on Clients’ budgets, but CASA Studio will always endeavour to find the best, most cost effective solution for the Client and the project, through early discussions with the Client, Energy Performance Consultants and suppliers wherever possible.

Moreover, these energy saving measures usually result in a better Whole Life Cost for the building that saves you, the Client, money in the long-run!